Video: Sligo Aikikai Charity Swim 2007

November 2007 fundraiser organised by the Sligo Aikikai consisted of a Charity Sea Swim in Rosses Point, Co. Sligo where a small number of Dojo members where mad enough to brave the weather and threw themselves in the sea, with their suit on! The event was held on Sat 3rd November at 3.30. It helped raising funds towards the payment of the rent of the new Sligo Dojo. At the beginning of August 2007 the Sligo Aikikai moved to its new permanent venue in Custom House Quay. In September it was decided to start the procedures to change its status to that of a charitable body.
As part of our activities, we will be happy to provide the Sligo community with a new charity shop that we are going to call “Kirin”, the Japanese unicorn, a creature of great power and wisdom. The Kirin Charity Shop will be located within the new Aikido Dojo, in the large shop unit situated below the dojo itself. It will be managed and run by the Sligo Aikikai members on a voluntary basis. It will provide low price books in English and foreign languages, dvds, music cds, PC games, Children’s’ Toys, clothing, household goods, furniture, etc. It will also comprise of a small coffee shop area for people to socialise after browsing through the shop’s goods and an internet point for searching the Net.
Kirin wants to be a small village where Aikido students and members of the local community can meet and spend time together exchanging experiences and values.
All proceeds of the Sligo Aikikai Charity Shop will go toward funding the activities of the Sligo Aikikai, with the aim of offering the Sligo community a proper Martial Art Dojo, extended training hours, safe and clean training environment and qualified tuition at affordable price.


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