Travels in Ireland

Written by Gaku Homma's student Tony Dolan, after the AHAN Irish Seminar 2006 - organised by Simone Chierchini - this article gives us the perfect picture of an Aikido travel to Ireland by TONY DOLAN There I was in the middle of an intense session of motion and sweat when the question was asked.  "Tony,… Continua a leggere Travels in Ireland

Gaku Homma Visits Ireland for the Musubi Mat Fundraising Seminar

Gaku Homma with Simone Chierchini & family Written by Tony Dolan in 2006, this is the account of Gaku Homma's first visit to Ireland as part of the activities of the Aikido Humanitarian Active Network Aikikai Ireland-AOI (1) and Simone Chierchini invited Homma Kancho to teach a fund raising seminar in Donegal, a town about five… Continua a leggere Gaku Homma Visits Ireland for the Musubi Mat Fundraising Seminar

Video: Gaku Homma Sensei in Ireland 2007

Aikido Organisation of Ireland - 2007 Irish AHAN Seminar - Gaku Homma Sensei, Nippon-Kan, Denver, Colorado, USA - October 2007, Dublin, Ireland Gaku Homma Sensei was a student of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba, as well as other high-ranking instructors, at the Iwama dojo in Japan. Homma Sensei was the last official uchideshi (live-in student) at Iwama dojo… Continua a leggere Video: Gaku Homma Sensei in Ireland 2007