Hirokazu Kobayashi Bronze Memorial Statue

by VITTORIO TESSARO - Italian master sculptor Vittorio Tessaro was commissioned to create the portrait of the great Aikido Master Hirokazu Kobayashi by Andrè Cognard in 2018. The monument was inaugurated at the Aikido Academy in Bourg-Argental in France to commemorate 20 years of Kobayashi sensei's death. This is how this important bronze memorial statue came about, described in a story shared by Vittorio Tessaro himself


Morihei Ueshiba’s Budo Manual (1938): Saito Sensei’s Video Version

Anyone who has attended a Morihiro Saito Sensei seminar will remember how the master often referred to a small illustrated manual written by Morihei Ueshiba. He would open this booklet to the page pertaining to the technique he was explaining, walk past each pupil to show it to them and repeat: 'O'Sensei. O'Sensei", as if to validate his technical explanation with the seal and approval of the supreme authority: Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido.

Yoji Fujimoto – From Cherries to the Palalido

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Let’s return to the beginning of Fujimoto sensei’s adventure in Italy. We are going to quote from ‘Dalle Ciliegie al Palalido’ (From Cherries to the Palalido), an interview that Sensei gave to Gigi Borgomaneri in the early 1990s. It appeared in Aikido, a magazine published by the Italian Aikikai. When the interviewer asked Fujimoto sensei to recount some stories that defined the beginning of his experience in Europe this is the story he told

The Relationship Between Yōseikan and Morihei Ueshiba

di HIROO MOCHIZUKI & ADRIANO AMARI - In the words of Hiroo Mochizuki, here is the story of the birth of Yoseikan Aikido at the hands of Minoru Mochizuki. This excerpt is taken from "The Heir - Interview with Hiroo Mochizuki", the interview book that deals, among other things, with Minoru Mochizuki's relationship with Ueshiba and Kano, the two martial giants of the 20th century

Saito Sensei – The Man Behind the Teacher

by PAOLO CORALLINI & SIMONE CHIERCHINI - excerpt from "The Hermeticist - Interview with Paolo Corallini", the book interview published by Aikido Italia Network Publishing, captures the warm humanity of Morihiro Saito outside the dojo. Enjoy some delightful anecdotes narrated by Paolo Corallini as an appetizer to his book

The “Fujimoto Method”

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Excerpt from "The Sensei - About Yoji Fujimoto", the book interview realized by some of the senpai of Yoji Fujimoto sensei that will be released on February 15th. In this section, Simone Chierchini presents his testimony on the unique qualities of Fujimoto sensei's teaching, those that have formed the backbone of the unrivalled "Fujimoto Method"

The Practice and its Relationship with “Danger”

by ANDRÉ  COGNARD - Danger is always due to a lack of energy. A lack of energy implies a lack of consciousness, hence, in this case, a weak perception of the interaction and its unfolding in space-time. This is danger: danger is always present. Everything that is useful is dangerous. Taken from "The Philosopher - Interview with André Cognard", this book-interview deals with some of the profound meanings of Aikido today

Bruce Bookman on Cross-Training and Aikido Integrity

by BRUCE BOOKMAN - Effectiveness is Aikido's perennial skeleton in the wardrobe. Some don't care about the eternal debate over it, some deny it is an issue and dream of being ready to take on anyone anywhere, some, like Bruce Bookman, are actually studying ways to integrate a new combative approach into Aikido while still respecting the feeling of Aikido as the first condition of any innovation

Hiroo Mochizuki Sensei, a Teacher for Europe

by ADRIANO AMARI - As a long-time student of his and editor of Aikido Italia Network, I was able to arrange an interview with Hiroo Mochizuki sensei. The result was a long, interesting, constructive chat in which his son Michihito (Mitchi) Mochizuki also actively participated. This interview, presenting memories, thoughts on the Martial Arts of yesterday and today, explanations on the Yōseikan Budō discipline, will be shorthly issued in a book versionby Aikido Italia Network Publishing. As a preview, we are presenting here Hiroo Mochizuki sensei's biography.