Yoji Fujimoto – From Cherries to the Palalido

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Let’s return to the beginning of Fujimoto sensei’s adventure in Italy. We are going to quote from ‘Dalle Ciliegie al Palalido’ (From Cherries to the Palalido), an interview that Sensei gave to Gigi Borgomaneri in the early 1990s. It appeared in Aikido, a magazine published by the Italian Aikikai. When the interviewer asked Fujimoto sensei to recount some stories that defined the beginning of his experience in Europe this is the story he told


Hosokawa Hideki, Man and Aikidoka

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - This interview with Hideki Hosokawa sensei was realised by Simone Chierchini in 1988 and at the time published by "Aikido", the Italian Aikikai magazine. Regrettably, Hosokawa sensei has been absent from the Aikido scene for several years now due to a serious illness that has prevented him from returning to teaching. We are confident that the Aikido international community will take an interest in his words