The Place of Aikido in the Age of Zumba and MMA

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - The fathers of Aikido are almost all gone. It is now up to their children to take the responsibility of placing our art in a profoundly changed world. Where is Aikido going in the 21st century? What is our place in the age of Zumba and MMA? What are we to do with the wonderful legacy that our tatami foster fathers left us? It is about time that the new generation of senior Aikido teachers begins to wonder, because the future is now


This is the World of Aikido

When we start a new activity, the first few weeks are always the hardest. Adjustment is needed as we adapt to a new environment and get used to new friends, customs and behaviours. With this post, we hope to help you settle in quickly and smoothly. Here you will find information about Aikido, but if you want to know more ask your prospective instructor!