Yokota Yoshiaki: “Issatsu no Shunkan”

BY RIONNE "FUJIWARA" MCAVOY - Yokota Yoshiaki sensei, 8th dan Aikikai, should be one of the world's most renowned aikido shihan, up there with great names like Yamada and Chiba, Tada and Tamura. In my eyes, he is the best of the best, but until one fateful day in 2008, I had never heard of him, despite having lived and trained in Japan for six years at the time. Truth be told, Yokota Sensei saved me from quitting Aikido. I've never quit anything before in my life, but around the time right before I met sensei, I was very disillusioned with where Aikido was taking me

Aikido Lifetime Experience in Japan – A Memory

Originally published in 2002 by The Sligo Champion, this is a vivid memory of a typical martial arts trip to Japan by SIMONE CHIERCHINI “I am just back from Japan. Yes, believe me, a lifetime experience”. This is the answer that 5th Dan Aikido of Organisation of Ireland Head Instructor Simone Chierchini repeated to his many students… Continua a leggere Aikido Lifetime Experience in Japan – A Memory