Hanmi, Much More Than a Posture

by CARLO CAPRINO - As it is well known to those who have experience of how an apprenticeship in a craft workshop or training in a traditional school of arts (not necessarily martial) develops, very little time is spent to provide the apprentice with detailed verbal instructions. These are limited to some initial essential rudiments to avoid injury to oneself or others or damage to tools or material to be processed


Exams in Aikido

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Any Aikido organisation has it but the training syllabus normally only consists of a bare list of ranks and techniques and indicate the minimum training times required between tests. No further explanation is given and that’s not a big help, especially when considering how delicate the subject of grading is for most Aikido students

Is Everybody an Instructor?

At a time or another, every martial artist had the opportunity to explain something to a partner during practice. This article will move from this simple and common gesture and try to offer Budo students some essential insight about the traditional teaching methods Aikido is based upon by SIMONE CHIERCHINI Traditionally in Martial Arts the… Continua a leggere Is Everybody an Instructor?