Exams in Aikido

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Any Aikido organisation has it but the training syllabus normally only consists of a bare list of ranks and techniques and indicate the minimum training times required between tests. No further explanation is given and that’s not a big help, especially when considering how delicate the subject of grading is for most Aikido students


Aikido or Squash?

Aikido magazines, leaflets and literature of every Aikido organisation, the Masters’ writings, common aikidoka, all repeat the following sing-song, like a well tuned and conducted chorus: Aikido is not a sport. It is instead a high level spiritual path, which covers every aspect of one's life and aims to improve the inner well being of… Continua a leggere Aikido or Squash?

36 Years on and it is Still Great Fun – Interview with Simone Chierchini

36 years since the beginning, as a little child in Tada Sensei’s class in Rome, passing next to Hosokawa Sensei’s years in Rome Aikido Central School as an adolescent, continuing to grow in Milan with his main mentor, Fujimoto Sensei, maturing the hard way in Ireland, starting up his own organisation, going his own way… Continua a leggere 36 Years on and it is Still Great Fun – Interview with Simone Chierchini