Senta Yamada: the “Father” of UK Tomiki Aikido

by PAUL WILDISH - Senta Yamada was the first exponent of Tomiki Aikido to come to the UK, to teach professionally. Yamada, a 6th Dan in both judo and aikido, arrived in London with a training pedigree second to none. Not only was he one of Kenji Tomiki’s original students in the formative days of Tomiki Aikido’s genesis but he had also spent nine months as an uchideshi (a live in student) of Morihei Ueshiba. As with Kenji Tomiki and Hideo Ohba them-selves he had had the inestima-ble experience of learning direct-ly from the ‘Founder’ of aikido without mediation or re-interpretation by others

Hideo Ohba – The Aikido of “Quiet Taste”

by PAUL WILDISH - More than anyone else, Ohba Hideo sensei can be considered the ‘teacher’ of Tomiki Aikido. Prof. Tomiki was the architect of Kyogi (Competitive) Aikido, the developer of systems and technique and conductor of seminars. As Tomiki had his professorial duties at Waseda and his academic work within the Kodokan and learned Budo societies, it was very much Ohba’s job to teach the student clubs and develop the next generation of teachers. I have always described Ohba as the most perfect self-effacing disciple but I think he deserves to be considered the most perfect partner that Tomiki could have wished for

Discorso Inaugurale dello Shodokan di Tomiki Shihan

di KENJI TOMIKI - Nel 1976, Kenji Tomiki sensei, uno dei più importanti allievi di prima generazione di Morihei Ueshiba e suo braccio destro in Manciuria, fondò lo Shodokan Dojo di Osaka. L'apertura dello Shodokan, avvenuta solamente diversi anni dopo la morte di Ueshiba come forma di rispetto verso O'Sensei, costituì il banco di prova per il Tomiki Aikido-style e per l'introduzione delle competizioni in Aikido

Shodokan, lo “Sport Aikido” di Kenji Tomiki

di YOJI KONDO - Lo Shodokan Aikido - comunemente conosciuto come Tomiki Aikido - è il sistema marziale sviluppato da Kenji Tomiki sensei. Prima di raccontare la sua eccezionale carriera nelle arti marziali e la sua associazione con due dei più importanti uomini di Budo del Novecento, Jigoro Kano e Morihei Ueshiba, il seguente articolo delinea gli elementi che costituiscono l'unicità del Tomiki Aikido