1942 – La “Vraie” Démonstration

par SIMONE CHIERCHINI - La (tristement) célèbre “True Demonstration” a eu lieu en Mandchourie pendant l’été 1942. L’occasion fut le 10ème Anniversaire de la Fondation du Manchukuo, le gouvernement fantoche japonais de la Mandchourie, régi par Pu Yi, le “Dernier Empereur” mis en scène par le réalisateur Bertolucci


The Translator – Interview with Christopher Li

di SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Christopher Li calls himself a "hobbyist with a specialty", however, thanks to his research and writing he has given an important contribution to the understanding of modern Aikido. His views on Aikido, its history and future developments are unconventional and often "politically incorrect" but he's not afraid to share them. This is not an interview for those unwilling to discuss the official narrative of our art and its people…

Senta Yamada: the “Father” of UK Tomiki Aikido

by PAUL WILDISH - Senta Yamada was the first exponent of Tomiki Aikido to come to the UK, to teach professionally. Yamada, a 6th Dan in both judo and aikido, arrived in London with a training pedigree second to none. Not only was he one of Kenji Tomiki’s original students in the formative days of Tomiki Aikido’s genesis but he had also spent nine months as an uchideshi (a live in student) of Morihei Ueshiba. As with Kenji Tomiki and Hideo Ohba them-selves he had had the inestima-ble experience of learning direct-ly from the ‘Founder’ of aikido without mediation or re-interpretation by others

Hideo Ohba – The Aikido of “Quiet Taste”

by PAUL WILDISH - More than anyone else, Ohba Hideo sensei can be considered the ‘teacher’ of Tomiki Aikido. Prof. Tomiki was the architect of Kyogi (Competitive) Aikido, the developer of systems and technique and conductor of seminars. As Tomiki had his professorial duties at Waseda and his academic work within the Kodokan and learned Budo societies, it was very much Ohba’s job to teach the student clubs and develop the next generation of teachers. I have always described Ohba as the most perfect self-effacing disciple but I think he deserves to be considered the most perfect partner that Tomiki could have wished for

1942 – The “True Demonstration”

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - The famous/infamous "True Demonstration" was held in Manchuria during the summer of 1942. The occasion was the 10th Anniversary of the foundation of Manchukuo, the Japanese puppet government of Manchuria, headed by Pu Yi, the "Last Emperor" depicted by italian director Bernardo Bertolucci in an immortal movie

1942 – La “Vera Dimostrazione”

di SIMONE CHIERCHINI - La famosa/famigerata "True Demonstration" si tenne in Manciuria durante l'estate del 1942. L'occasione fu il 10º Anniversario della Fondazione del Manchukuo, il governo fantoccio giapponese della Manciuria, retto da Pu Yi, "l'Ultimo Imperatore" di Bertolucciana memoria