Kuroiwa Yoshio – Per Sempre Giovane

di ELLIS AMDUR - La figura di Kuroiwa Yoshio rimane una delle più affascinanti e tragiche dell'Aikido moderno. Tratto da "A Duello con O-sensei", di Ellis Amdur, recentemente pubblicato in lingua italiana da The ran Network, e parte di una fantastica galleria degli shihan dell'Honbu Dojo dei tempi d'oro, questo ritratto di Kuroiwa sensei è assieme intrigante e doloroso


The Translator – Interview with Christopher Li

di SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Christopher Li calls himself a "hobbyist with a specialty", however, thanks to his research and writing he has given an important contribution to the understanding of modern Aikido. His views on Aikido, its history and future developments are unconventional and often "politically incorrect" but he's not afraid to share them. This is not an interview for those unwilling to discuss the official narrative of our art and its people…

The Phenomenologist – Interview with Ellis Amdur

by SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Ellis Amdur is a renowned martial arts researcher and a teacher in two different surviving Koryu. His books on Aikido and Budo are considered unique in that he uses his personal, often shocking or outrageous, experiences as illustrations of the principles he writes about, but he is also backed by solid research and experience in the field. "The Phenomenologist" is no exception: it is a distillation of Ellis Amdur's thoughts, insights and opinions on Aikido and Budo. "The Phenomenologist" has achieved considerable success in its Italian version, also published by Aikido Italia Network Publishing. Here you can read an excerpt of the book, which can be ordered in its full version on amazon.com in both paper and Kindle format