Arrested Development

di SIMONE CHIERCHINI - Taken from "The Translator", the book-interview produced by Aikido Italia Network Publishing, this chapter deals with the thorny issue of the development of Aikido or rather its current non-development. Has the practice of our Art become crystallized and a sort of Takemusu Aiki in reverse? We asked Christopher Li, an aikidoka who describes himself as a "hobbyist with a speciality". Through his research and writings, Chris has made an important contribution to the understanding of modern Aikido. His views on Aikido, its history and future developments are unconventional and often "politically incorrect", but he is not afraid to share them. This chapter of "The Translator", like the rest of the book, is not easy reading for those unwilling to discuss the official narrative of our art and its people…

Mitsuteru Ueshiba Waka Sensei Esordisce all’Hombu Dojo

A partire dal 1 Aprile 2011 il programma degli allenamenti dell’Hombu Dojo subirà un’importante variazione: infatti dall'inizio di aprile il quadro degli insegnanti titolari dell’Hombu comprenderà anche Mitsuteru Ueshiba, che da Giovedi 8 Aprile prenderà il posto del padre come titolare della lezione delle 18.30-19.30.