Japan Earthquake: O’Sensei Dojo Collapses

We have received from Paolo e Francesco Corallini the following article that adds even more sorrow to the Japan earthquake disaster: another victim of this recent tragedy is O’Sensei’s old  Dojo

With deepest sorrow we inform that Ibaraki Dojo, the birthplace of Aikido, was almost destroyed by the terrific earthquake which hit the Japan in these days. The roof and part of the walls fell down. Aiki Shrine, however, luckily seems to be still intact.

We know that Ueshiba family is safe, and we are keeping correspondance to get more updates from Iwama and Tokyo.
Let’s send a though of love and thankfulness to the Founder, to our late master Saito Sensei and to all those who kept and keep this sacred place through the years, hoping Nature will calm down.
Corallini Shihan, all the instructors and members of T.A.A.I. feel close o all the Japanese people in such a terrible moment of sorrow.
At the moment telephone and internet connection with Ibaraki Prefecture seem to be almost interrupted, so this is all we know. We will post any further updates we may receive.


8 pensieri riguardo “Japan Earthquake: O’Sensei Dojo Collapses”

  1. we all have deep sorrow towards this earthquake and the symbol of this dojo is far from any treasure.But compared to the number of deaths in Japan we have to consider this with relativity. Anyway life is just going on and this is just materials.

  2. According to Japanese Architecture, the Ibaraki temple is not destroyed, it will only change its place.
    All the materials that are damaged will be replaced, on the new location.

    That is material. We that use the temple, are more then material.
    If I say that life will be replaced with a new life, I would disrespect the dead.

  3. Information from Ms. Hisako Saito, wife of Hitohiro Saito, are that there were only minor damages of the Dojo, that Kamiza articles felt down, and that Aiki Jinja is not damaged.

  4. I understand that Aikido all over the world are worried about how the dojo is.
    But I would like to point out that in Japan several ten or so thoussands of people died even more are injuried, thousands and thousands of families will have someone died or injuried or disabled in thie earthquake, thousands of people will loose their jobs and many will be on starvation, the economy is going to be down for months and probably years… a short description is beyond the tragedy overthere.
    Proposing that we collect funds is a generous idea but in a year or two; I would consider indecent in my dojo to collect nowadays money for the dojo, even though I am attached from a symbolic point of view there, while people are in hospitals or in the streets having nowhere to live and who do not know if they will have foods in a few days or weeks.
    So kee p cheer up but we have to organize a hierarchy in our help in Japan

  5. Just an important point, respecting all views: Minegishi Sensei’s appeal is to collect funds to help the Japanese people in this tragic venture, NOT to rebuild the Iwama dojo.


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