Yoji Fujimoto Shihan 7th Dan Enbukai (1994)

Copyright Nuova Aikikai TorinoVideo realised on the occasion of the Enbukai held by Yoji Fujimoto Shihan (Aikikai d’Italia Teaching Panel) to celebrate for the awarding of his 7th Dan by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Location: Centro Sportivo La Gardanella, Milano, Italy (1994). Ukemi: Alessandro Fantoni and Francesco Dessì

Yoji Fujimoto Sensei was born in Yamaguchi (Japan) on 26th March 1948. Fourth of five children, since his childhood he was initiated into the way of the martial arts by his father, an 8th Dan in Kendo.
Fujimoto Sr. was instructor at the Kendo Dojo of the local Police. The young Fujimoto picked up Kendo and helped his father in the Dojo. One day he went to assist at an Aikido class at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and was fascinated by what he saw. A few days after he enrolled and started training in Aikido.
Promoted Shodan at about 14 years of age, at 21 (1969) he was already Sandan. Fujimoto Sensei moved to Italy in 1970 to help Tada Sensei in his efforts to bring Aikido to Italy. He based himself in Milan and contributed to the development of the Italian Aikikai, increasing the number of dojo to over 100.
In recognition of his efforts he was promoted to 7th Dan in 1994 and 8th Dan in 2010. Yoji Fujimoto sadly passed away in 2012.


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